How to improve CX and reduce cost through branch self-service?

A very important trend in banking is allowing self-service for customers at branches. The use of kiosks makes it easy to implement self-service, allowing customers to carry out many operations on their own. This can help in reducing costs. It also helps to improve CX or customer experience, which is vital for service organizations.

Ideas to use self-service to improve CX

1) Install ITMs at drive through or locations without staff

An interactive teller machine or ITM is a great self-service idea. But placing it in a bank poses a problem, since many customers still prefer interacting with a real person. This takes away the advantage the ITM offers.

To make this idea work, you can install ITMs at drive through places. They would also work great when you place them at a location where there are no staff members deployed. This allows the ITM to be used effectively.

2) Use kiosks for both customers and staff

An innovative cost-saving idea is to use a self-service kiosk for both customers and staff. Taking this idea further, a tablet can be given to staff that can connect with the kiosk. This allows staff to step in if they feel a customer needs assisted service.

Using this option will help you implement self-service at a branch and get the best from it. It allows staff to close transactions without shifting to their workstations.

3) Helps in creating a branch of one

A branch of one is a concept where a branch is manned by just one employee. Full customer service can be given when kiosks are added. This would be a great idea at micro branches where footfalls are not very high.

It helps in reducing operational costs and allows staff to focus on core areas like selling products and offering personal advice, rather than doing routine tasks.

4) Integration helps to improve satisfaction

Integrating systems together is a challenge for the financial sector. This can often lead to a situation where both clients and staff are frustrated. Client satisfaction can be severely affected in such a scenario. It is thus important to integrate self-service options with the core banking system.

Without integration, the client only gets another ATM. Using the right integration software allows self-service options to be expanded. It also allows for seamless adoption of self-service by customers. The result would be enhanced customer experience, which in turn improves satisfaction.

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