Negative impacts of BNPL-led consumerism

BNPL has transformed the digital shopping experience of the 21st century stated Bahaa Abdul Hussein. Proliferation of BNPL payment services like Klarna, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, LazyPay, Splitit and Zip have simplified our lives. On the other hand, they have also led to some detrimental impacts on the environment. BNPL payments will soon be leading online consumerism in the coming years, increasing the digital purchases made across the world. Read on know what the environmental effects are and the counter measures that can be taken to shop more sustainably online.

Packaging waste

It is well-known that online shopping generates a lot of waste and BNPL-led shopping has only led to an increase in this. More purchases mean more packages, some of which aren’t biodegradable and not recycled properly. Plastic materials used in packaging also wind up choking the environment in many countries.

Shipping constitutes pollution

Same-day deliveries and express shipping options mean more delivery vehicles are on the road. For international purchases, flights are also involved. All of this eventually leads to more CO2 emissions and increases the carbon footprint of online shopping. Consumers need to make more eco-conscius shipping choices.

Return of goods

Sometimes, shopping online for products like clothes sees the maximum return rates. This means more packages going back via transportation. Sometimes delivery fails and multiple delivery attempts are required. All of this increases the overall fuel emission.

What can we do to lower our carbon footprint?

Switch to local shopping

When in doubt, always choose to support domestic brands and go local. A lot of times, the same products would be available at stores in the mall. We might just be feeling lazy to go out and buy it but it doesn’t hurt to go offline shopping once in a while.

Group your orders

E-commerce sites like Amazon and Target are offering the option to group multiple orders together, which saves on packaging cost and transportation cost. You can choose to have all your goods delivered on a particular “Delivery day” if you are willing to wait for your products.

Request eco-friendly packaging

Many online sites now offer green packaging like cardboard and paper courier bags. They’re doing away with bubble wrap and non-degradable packing materials. You can always reach out to the store and request eco-friendly packaging.

Opt for slower delivery options

If you want to be more sustainable while online shopping, you can always choose to wait a little longer for your products. The next time you want to buy something, make sure you uncheck the one-day delivery options for non-essential goods. These are some steps we can take to ensure our negative impact on the environment is controlled.

The article has been authored by Bahaa Abdul Hussein and has been published by the editorial board of Fintek Diary. For more information, please visit

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